Just being mortal

Just being mortal
Know that the end is nearing for all of us
Yet still having regrets and longings
After we’re gone there’s still love
Floating through the branches
And appearing through the drops of rain
Peering from a bloom of a sunflower
Like Clytie tracking Apollo and seeking his sister Artemis, the moon
Night brings Lanterns
Of fireflies and tweeting bats
Looking for mates and insects
Night also brings solace
For you and me
Morning comes slowly
Vivid hues breaking through the cracking sky
Hoping for illuminations
of our dreams

there’s a tree somewhere

Somewhere there’s a tree
That you loved and so admired
Maybe it dropped an acorn on your nose
And your mother laughed

Still it stood and was beautiful
Amongst the stones and beside the creek
That you watched stream along
Your toes while it flowed
Until it trickled in the summertime
down to the garden
where the gourds grew
tall some, curved until they dried up
near fall and then the vines dried
ready to harvest by early winter

for the next spring’s birds
to nest and twitter
around the tree that’s still standing
with the acorns that still fall
on your nose
while your mom’s still laughing
and giggling as she does