for John Seawright

it’s been a while
since you’ve sent me a letter
i’d sent you a post card
about the cinnamon shop
Bruno used to write about that
Before he was shot in the street
I knew that Cynthia liked sunflowers
so I sent you a graphic from Schiele
Expressing my love
I waited
I knew that you were hurting
When I saw you in the garden
I pressed the carved red egg
Into your palm
You smiled
2 cocks crowed
I wondered
How long it would take
Until I got that letter
Later I saw you
Talked a while
I pressed a green stone in your palm
Never saw you again
Til you were gone
Songs were sung for you
Tears were cried, many tears
We were talking about you last night
On Waddell Street
Up the way from Vernon
Your heart was secretive
Yet open
You remain a secret