Make it Count

We’re here but one time

So make it count all darlings

No second chances
Sniff the flowers

Drink up the colors

Of the leaves while they’re changing
Be kind to all 

Remember your friends

Be compassionate
Love your partner

Say nice things to him/her

Be sweet
Observe the little things

Listen to the birds

Go to the zoo
Think about Mother Earth

Put your hand in the Ocean

Pick up straws while you’re walking along the beach
Look up at the sky 

in the morning

Find the constellations

in our Hemisphere
Feed the birds

Listen to them

Provide shelter
What is more

Read a book

Love words 
Read a poem

Write one 
What is more

Live love be kind

We are all together 
No matter what people tell you

We are all one

Believe it. It’s true

And it’s the only way we can survive together.

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