Little Red

Little Red was mad

Her mother had banned her from video games

And had told her to visit her grandmother

Who was feeling poorly

So she gathered her cookies and flowers

And went into the forest

Along the way she met a hunter

Who had a very long rifle

She asked him whom he was hunting

And he told her that he was looking for a wolf

So she walked along the forest path

Finally she arrived at her grandma’s house

And she went inside

Lo and behold her grandma and the wolf

Were sitting at the kitchen table

Playing Poker and drinking Tea

Little Red laid down the cookies

And they all played card games

Until Dawn the next day

Eventually Little Red went home

And the Wolf, whose name was Teddy, walked her out the front door

He told her that she should be careful of the woodcutter

Because he’d recently been out on parole

For kidnapping

She thanked the wolf and accepted the pepper spray

She kissed her grandma

And went down the path home

That is the story of Little Red:)

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