Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Lorri Shipp


Like many other bookworm kids, I passed several hours in the basement of the children’s section of the Carnegie Atlanta Public Library every Saturday. It was there that I read all sorts of fairy tales, probably the reason that I am so attached to wolves! Likewise, I read Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythology and thereafter developed a yearning to study languages.


After changing course from studying Latin, I switched to German and completed a BFA in painting and drawing from UGA, and my art studies also included lithography and ceramics. Since graduating, I’ve worked mostly in watercolor, ink and pastels. I eventually followed other passions, earning Master’s degrees in English and German. While I lived in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, I visited many galleries and museums, which was tremendously motivating. As a component of my German Master’s thesis, I painted Greek mythological figures from the two novels, Heinrich von Kleist’s Penthesilea and Christa Wolf’s Kassandra, which I compared, contrasted and analyzed.


My visual work is a synthesis of what I’ve observed and perceived, drawing on both experience and imagination. My images range from architecture to gardens, from kites to animals, from birds to ships. I also make gourd birdhouses and assemble jewelry. For about two years, I’ve been writing haiku poetry and venturing into other poetry forms. Currently I am working on a series of haikus and drawings. I am both a language instructor and an artist, and I’m passionate about both trades.

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