My Letter to Artists

My Letter to Artists– Whatever Hesitations you Feel–Whatever Anxieties you feel–Don’t worry, We all feel that way. You Draw from Your Mind, You Draw from Photographs, You Draw from Literature, You Draw from Life, You Draw from Experience, You Draw from Other Artists. You Emulate, Copy, Get Inspired from Other Artists. All Artists look to the Past and take what has already been Done, and then We Take it to Another Level…We Claim it and it is Ours…You know what I’m Talking About. Look at your favorite artists—copy them—emulate them…you have to practice. From that practice, you will find your way. Look at all sorts of people if you are interested in portraits. Practice drawing people of all kinds, all races. Let your pencil guide you. Are you interested in doors, in keys, in trees? What is it? That is one of the paths to your creative spirit.

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