Beneath it All

underneath it all
lies our earthly remnants
scattered around
bits and pieces
glittery, transparent, translucent and dim
drips of silver and celadon
shards of purple lilac rain
notes of melodic romantic bliss
that entrance us wholly
poets of an earlier age
that told of heroes and stalwart women
and those of now
that look within us
sly wolf eyes upon us
owls from the trees that swoop down
and pierce us and take us away
to nowhere and everywhere
animals tell us where we’ve been
and where we’re going
to nowhere and everywhere
i can tell you now
I’m going to the moon
where chocolate tastes like ice

Pussycats Painting

I love the way Sandra illustrates animals.  If you want to check out more of her work,  check out the following link:   Sandra Boynton, Artist

sandra boynton

I love this drawing by Sandra Boynton!   The composition is dynamic. She uses 6 or so colors to illustrate this piece.  I like the different positions of the two cats.  The “girl” cat is focused on preciseness whereas the “boy” cat is dancing on top of the paper.  This cartoon says a lot about the whimsy of cats and also makes a statement about the differences between girls and boys as they’re learning to do tasks.  That’s not always so clear cut, of course.  It also illustrates different styles of painting/drawings. One type is a person that likes to “paint within the lines.”  Another type just likes to “let it all hang out.”  Go with the flow.  Both styles are important and appropriate; it depends on what kind of image you’re working on and how you feel at the moment.


Two Wolves in a Balkan Castle

PTDC0271This piece is based on a photograph of a Serbian castle.  I was in Sante Fe, New Mexico, in December, a couple of years ago.  Since I was in New Mexico, I started thinking about wolves again.  I like the watercolor because you can see the sky through one of the windows.  I also like the two perspectives of the wolves.

for John Seawright

it’s been a while
since you’ve sent me a letter
i’d sent you a post card
about the cinnamon shop
Bruno used to write about that
Before he was shot in the street
I knew that Cynthia liked sunflowers
so I sent you a graphic from Schiele
Expressing my love
I waited
I knew that you were hurting
When I saw you in the garden
I pressed the carved red egg
Into your palm
You smiled
2 cocks crowed
I wondered
How long it would take
Until I got that letter
Later I saw you
Talked a while
I pressed a green stone in your palm
Never saw you again
Til you were gone
Songs were sung for you
Tears were cried, many tears
We were talking about you last night
On Waddell Street
Up the way from Vernon
Your heart was secretive
Yet open
You remain a secret